Kyle MacLachlan: "Made in Jersey"? No. Yakima, Washington.

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Kyle MacLachlanClassically handsome but never one to truly play the typical leading man, Kyle MacLachlan continues to weave his way in both television and film.    You may remember him as the slightly eccentric yet all-American boy in David Lynch’s, Blue Velvet, or the ever-eccentric Special Agent Dale Cooper in pre-millennium’s iconic television series, Twin Peaks (McLaughlin had audiences wondering about cherry pie and coffee almost as much as the one-armed man). Even in Desperate Housewives, we wondered about his Orson Hodge, who was sometimes more secretive than Bree (Marcia Cross).  This fall, he’ll create another character in CBS’ new drama, Made in Jersey.

However, whether he’s starring in Made In Jersey or on YouTube with his pet dogs; Mookie and Sam, growing wine or working for his charities including UNICEF, The Human Society or Live Earth, the actor is equally at home.

He’s also a dad, having become a father to son, Callum in 2008 with wife Desiree Gruber, an executive producer of Project Runway.

Born in Yakima, Washington to a lawyer/stockbroker father and public relations director mother, he graduated from Eisenhower High School and then attended and graduated from the University of Washington. After college, he decided to come to Hollywood to pursue his dream of acting.

A Star Was Born caught up with MacLachlan to talk about his new series, Made In Jersey, and his hometown of Yakima, Washington, in the beautiful wine country of the Pacific Northwest.  A short drive from Seattle (about 2 1/2 hrs.), this “apple valley” is worlds apart from a trip to the city.

Mt. Rainier - Yakima Valley, WA

 Breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier from Yakima County.

Vineyard - Yakima Valley, WA

ASWB: What was it like growing up in Yakima, Washington?
KM: Yakima, I was there until I went to college so it was the first 17 years of my life. I lived next to a park. I have two younger brothers who were outside everyday in the summer until it was dark.

I spent a lot of time at the golf course with my dad. It was perfect. I have very fond memories.

   The Apple Tree Golf Course, in Yakima Valley, is located in an apple orchard.  The 17th hole is on an island shaped like an apple.

Apple Tree Golf Course - Yakima Valley, WA

“I spent a lot of time at the golf course with my dad. It was perfect. I have very fond memories.”

ASWB: Do you still go back there?
KM: Yes. Well, I do. I make wine in Walla, Walla, which is about two hours from my hometown in Yakima. I am back frequently to check on my wine and do that process, so I still visit Yakima from time to time.

ASWB: How is the wine going?

KM: The wine is going very well. We’re in our fourth vintage now, 2008. It’s called Pursued by Bear.  I also make a Syrah; so far we are having good luck.

Yakima Valley boasts that its award-winning wine regions have the same latitude as the wine regions of France, and hosts two annual events in October – Catch the Crush and Winemaker For a Day where visitors can watch the harvest and grape stomps or participate in the hands-on experience of wine-making.

Red Willow Vineyard - Yakima Valley, WA

(Below right)  Kyle, back home in Washington, near his vineyard.  (Below left) A bottle of 2008 Cabernet, Pursued By Bear, from the winery that MacLachlan co-owns, Dunham Cellars.  Dunham Cellars (not pictured) is in Walla Walla, Washington, about 2 hours from Yakima Valley.

Kyle MacLachlan

Pursued By Bear Wine







ASWB: Travel books have must-sees, what is your must-see for your hometown?

KM: Yakima has got a beautiful little community theatre, which shows all season long. They have an extraordinary symphony there, a roadhouse theatre that is built in downtown that has gone through various phases. It was a movie theater at one time and has lain dormant for some time, now it’s a symphony house.  

Also maybe you can have a nice meal at Gasperetti’s, an Italian place.

Capitol Theatre - Yakima Valley, WA “Yakima has got a beautiful little community theatre, which shows all season long.”







Opened as a vaudeville theatre in 1920, the Capitol Theatre, has survived the demise of vaudeville and a devastating fire in the 1970s, to still stand as the Yakima community’s opera house and community theatre.


Gasperetti's in Yakima, Washington


Gasperetti's in Yakima, Washington






Gasperetti’s in Yakima, WA 








ASWB: Any high school teachers influence your acting career?

KM: There were a number; Mary Crago, my language teacher, when I was in eighth and ninth grade.  That was when I read Dune for the very first time, and I used to put sayings from the book…I used to draw them on the blackboard. She was a very free-thinking English teacher and she a very important part of my growing up, as was my science teacher, John Laatz.  He was the teacher of my Life Science class; he was a golfer, so we hung out a little bit.

Then in high school, there were a couple of teachers – Stuart Hansen was my math teacher, and while we didn’t see eye-to-eye a lot, he was an important part of my growing, as well as my music teacher, Gary Basinger; he was very important to me.


When summing up a visit to MacLachlan’s hometown of Yakima Valley, the word “refreshing” comes to mind, and not just because of the great wine, although that certainly doesn’t hurt, but because it has its own character – like MacLachlan.  And whether he’s creating a new character or creating wine, MacLachlan always finds a way to keep it interesting.

ASWB Logo End  Yakima Valley photos courtesy of visityakimavalley.org

 Extreme adventure awaits white-water rafting enthusiasts on the Tieton River; especially in September when the dam is released.  

Tieton River Whitewater Rafting - Yakima Valley, WA

 If thrill seeking is not your thing, you can be  “chasing rainbows” in Yakima Canyon, just 40 minutes outside Yakima, where tranquil fly fishing is a popular activity.  Yakima River Canyon Fishing 2 - Yakima Valley, WA


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7 Responses to Kyle MacLachlan: "Made in Jersey"? No. Yakima, Washington.

  1. […] Kyle MacLachlan: “Made in Jersey”? No. Yakima, Washington. AStarWasBorn.com – September 7, 2012 […]

  2. Jim Speidel [SPIDER] says:

    Kyle, very nice story and nice to see you are well and life is good. Thanks for the good words about Gasperetti’s. John is a great guy and always puts out a very good meal. Your dad was so proud of you. We all miss him. Best wishes, [ Spider ]

  3. Stacie @ hometownperch says:

    It’s great to read such a nice write-up about our sweet spot in the Valley.

  4. Camille Turner says:

    A refreshing article about a beautiful area. The one thing that has always been a favorite with me is the full blue sky and sun, regardless of the temperature.
    And I saw Kyle in the original movie of Dune and thought it was great. He was perfect for the part and the cast and filming was so well done. Read every Dune book that came out and that first movie was the best. The 2nd one was all about posturing & didn’t catch the character as written. I love good science fiction and that was …. excellent.

  5. Tim Cook says:

    Great article on Kyle, Thanks for sharing all the info. Kyle, so great, all your success. Who would of thought all this would of happened, while we were in Lancer’s at IKE in 1977. Very cool and exciting. I enjoy seeing you on TV and hope you get more projects to work on. Congrads for the success of your winery. We need more shared about Yakima Valley Wines & Wineries, with the wine world. Yakima Valley is the fourth wine destination in the USA..we need more people to know this and come for a wine tasting visit and buy Yakima Valley Wines. They are the best.
    Tim Cook

  6. Joan Bushnell says:

    Great to see an article about you, Kyle. I remember watching the plays at Eisenhower. I’ve seen some of the shows/movies you’ve been in. I especially remember going to The Flintstones and seeing you on the screen and saying to my family, “Wow! I think that is Kyle that I went to high school with!” I didn’t know you were in that movie til I saw it. Yakima was a great place to grow up!

  7. Barry Andrews says:

    Hi Kyle. While growing up there and graduating from IKE, also, I remember being in a production in the “Warehouse Theater” out Summitview, I believe. Winston Hoffman was the director. I am older than you, so I got the lead and you were in the chorus. I am forever indebted to your darling mother who took much time with me sitting at the piano at the theater, helping me to learn the songs in the show. I had never seriously sung before and she kickstarted it all. I still perform today around Portland.
    We saw you recently when appearing on News 6 here in Portland and tried to get a message to you in the studio. Look forward to seeing you next time around! Thanks for plugging Yakima.

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